Mindy -- ADOPTED!


Mindy_24509 dsh brown tabby and white.jpg

Wow, what a whirlwind these last few months have been.  First I had kittens, then a very nice person brought me to animal control where my kittens were adopted, then I was brought here.  I'll be honest, while it is much quieter here than that other place, I would prefer my new home to be even quieter I think.  Maybe one with another calm cat or if I'm the only one, even better.  Quick movements tend to startle me, so it would be best if children were a little older so they understand to go slow with me.  I love to cuddle in warm places (can you tell from my photo?) so you might find me underneath some blankets or pillows on a cold day, maybe we could cuddle together?

Mindy, 2 years, Female, Not declawed