Pat_dsh white and orange v2.jpg

6.5 years, Female, Front declawed

"A lot of people say, Who's that? It's Pat! A lot of people ask, Who's he? Or She?"

Those words could be my theme song. My name is Pat, and I'm somewhat unique in that I was born both male and female. That's something cool you could tell your friends, huh? I'm friendly, mellow and sometimes chatty, and I'm used to a quiet home. I think a lot of activity would be overwhelming. I enjoy scratches behind my ears, climbing on my cat tree and chasing the laser light -- I never seem to catch it, though. I'm also a very fastidious girl, so clean litter boxes are a must for me. I'd be happiest as an only pet, and I think kids in my new home should be at least 8 years old. If you're looking for a constant companion who's tidy and doesn't take up much space, look no further... it's Pat.