Gina_gray and white 25302.JPG

2 years, Female, Not declawed

You know those people who are “competitive eaters?” Well, I think if there was such a thing as that in the feline world, I just might be a champion. Sometimes people think I’m pregnant when they see me, but to them I say, “been there, done that.” I’ve raised my family and they’ve all gone to their new homes. Here I am, now, waiting for my chance. We’ve already established that I do like to eat so my new family will need to monitor my intake to make sure I don’t eat too much. My other likes include lounging around, playing with the laser light when the mood strike me, and pursuing my career in modeling (just kidding about that last one). I’d probably be best in a home with no other cats because I can be a bit bossy with them. And, dogs are a definite no. If you’re interested in welcoming a friendly feline into your family, rush right in to meet me.