Jody_black med_24879.jpg

5 years, Male

Hey there friends!  My name's Jody (in case you didn't already know that) and 'm here to tell you why I will be your perfect companion. 
Reason number 1: I like to have fun. I can get very playful, especially when toys are involved, and if there's another dog that's even better! 
Reason number 2: I get along with most other animals, and yes, that includes cats!  
Reason number 3: I really like attention.  Give me a good ear scratch or belly rub and we'll be best friends!
Oh and one last thing.  I can be sensitive about quick movements around my face so it would be best if there were no young children in my new home.  And that about sums up me.  If you're interested in meeting me I'd love to hear more about you!