Josh_lg mixed breed.JPG

2 years, Male

Don’t you just love my “I’m so sad” look? It’s meant to make you feel sorry for me and to secretly suggest that I’m the perfect dog for you. Is it working? I’m a super sweet guy — a big bundle of love. I seem to like everyone I meet, and I’m always looking forward to meeting new friends. I like to play, I like to snuggle, and I might like to dictate what to watch on TV. I seem to like most other dogs, and I might be good with a dog-savvy cat. I am the newest pup to enter our Project Pawsitive Future program where I will learn manners and be spoiled rotten. Please call NAHS to set up an appointment to meet me so I can have my forever home to go into once I graduate!

*Josh is eligible for the Pets for Vets Fund