1 year, Male

In my opinion, the world is full of unpredictability, and that’s very scary to me. My new family will need to be very patient and compassionate. I will take a long time to understand and trust you but once I do, I will be a devoted friend who will look to you for reassurance and snuggles. Once I get settled into a home, I will need plenty of positive experiences and positive training techniques to overcome my fears and increase my self confidence, so involving a certified trainer will be imperative. I am very smart but I like to do things in my own time when I feel comfortable and safe. I can be very goofy once I am comfortable in my surroundings. I will also need to have a confident dog in my new home so that I can learn how to live in a house with a family.

 An appointment is needed to meet me. If you’d like to schedule a time to meet me or to learn more about me, please call Naperville Area Humane Society at 630-420-8989 ext. 1007.