Relinquish or Rehome a Pet

Relinquish a Pet

If you need to relinquish your pet, please contact the Naperville Area Humane Society at (630) 420-8989. As a limited admission shelter, the Naperville Area Humane Society can accept pets only as space permits. Once all spaces are filled, pets are placed on a waiting list. The wait time varies depending upon the animal and the time of the year. You will be given an estimated wait time when you place your pet on the list. When space becomes available, we will contact owners from the waiting list to schedule appointments.


The fee to relinquish an animal is $50 for spayed/neutered pets and $100 for intact (unspayed/unneutered) pets. These fees help to cover the costs of caring for the animals while they await adoption.

What to Bring to Your Scheduled Appointment

  • Valid state-issued photo ID

  • Relinquishment fee

  • Pet's vaccination records (or the name and telephone number of your pet's veterinarian)

  • Completed canine or feline personality profile

  • We also welcome any of the pet's belongings such as bedding, toys, crate/carrier, etc. Pets might adjust a little more quickly to the shelter environment if they have familiar items with them.

Rehome Your Pet

Making the decision to find another home for your pet can be a difficult one, and many people would like to keep their pet until a new home is found. Rehoming your pet yourself instead of relinquishing to a shelter might be less stressful for your pet and will allow you to play a part in choosing a new family. It also makes additional space available in the shelter for pets whose lives are at risk.

To responsibly rehome your pet, we recommend using Rehome by and Petco Foundation. It's a safer alternative to "free to a good home," and when your pet finds a new home, the adopter pays a small adoption fee, 100% of which will go directly to an animal shelter or rescue group. When prompted to select a referring shelter, please select the Naperville Area Humane Society.